Published in a beautiful moment and sharing the amazing place
Some of my photos
I like to photograph every object like, Live Concert, City, People, Animal. But mostly I love to take photographs of the landscapes because of a landscape photography there a lot thinks to do some experiment, also need the right lighting, the composition. What you see with your Eyes it makes a difference as you comparing from your Camera. Check out some of my photo gallery below down here.

Some of My photos


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City Scape

To Capturing the City Scape realy a lot of fun which visitng diferent City’s Around the World, see the activiy city life, old Buildings and new Buildings, visiting historycal place, food and many thing. To Read more…


Before I’m not really interested to take shots of peoples, the mostly I do a landscape while in traveling, after I got some idea, that putting together landscape and people to capturing in one picture. Read more…